Anonymous: What the "actual fuck" is the point of treating all men and speaking of all men as though any of us is the same as the worst of us. Many men including myself identify as feminists and do the best we are able. (Though we make mistakes). You perpetuate hate and disguise it as progressivism.


If a child is nipped by a dog no one blames them for fearing other dogs.

If a woman is abused, raped, assaulted, beaten, humiliated, degraded by a man everyone blames her for being wary as if she has the innate ability to know which other men will abuse her, no different than a child not possibly knowing which dogs are mean.

Do not talk to me about feminism - a movement started by my sisters for women. Talk to your brothers who abuse, rape, assault, beat, humiliate, degrade and oppress us. That is the best you are able to do. Call out your brothers for their sexism and misogyny no matter how small. Any male “feminist” that attacks a woman for her feminism is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Feminism is not about you. Feminism is not about looking after men’s feelings when men are the number one threat to a woman’s life.

I will never, ever preface my feminism with “some men”. It’s not “some men” that abuse, rape, assault, beat, humiliate, degrade and oppress women. It’s “some men” that don’t.

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